Home Work and the Pain

I went in the crawl space under my home to run a water tube for my new refridgerator. The space was so tight that when I left it, I had a pain in my back. I thought it would just leave after a couple of hours, but it didn’t, so I took some over the counter aspirin. This helped the pain for a while, but it came back. I went to bed and the pain didn’t go away, so I had no choice but to start looking for Santa Maria chiropractors the first thing in the morning.

I found what looked like a good chiropractor online. This one had plenty of good reviews and wasn’t too far from where I lived. Since I had the week off, I didn’t have to worry about dealing with work hours. I went to the chiropractor that same day and he took a look at my back. As it turned out, it wasn’t something that couldn’t be healed with some time and rest. I was thinking that I would need to have some kind of invasive procedure that would keep me hospitalized for weeks, but it was good to know that none of that was needed.

Since I had to rest my back, I mostly sat in bed while watching television. It was a good thing that I finished doing the installation of the new refrigerator and the tubing on the same day, because I was able to get some cold water and crushed ice from the new machine. Before I would have to crush the ice by hand after taking it out of the ice trays, and the water would be coming directly from the kitchen sink. My time off was perfect for me to heal completely, and now my back is much better.