I Have Been in London This Autumn

All of my friends have been ragging on me, because I have been sponging off my girlfriend and going where she goes. I have been in London this Autumn. She is studying art and so she wants to go to all of the major cities of Europe. I was hoping to go to the beach, in France or Italy where it is a whole lot warmer and the women do not wear a whole bikini all of the time. At any rate I sort of blundered into a windfall betting on something called a casino siteleri, which means a betting web site pretty much. At any rate I was having fish and chips at a public house while she was in a museum and I met a few guys who taught me how to bet on football matches. I was just trying to figure out what I was doing when I accidentally made a bet.

Some way or another I accidentally bet on a trifecta, meaning that all three of the teams I picked needed to win in order for me to get paid. I only bet a few GBP, or English pounds. At any rate I won around twenty pounds from that and decided to try another, without being accidental about it. I won that one again and started to think that I was some sort of savant. Of course I knew that this was not true and by this time the winnings were quite a bit of money, especially compared to how little money I had in my savings account. I was able to win more betting on NFL games though, although this was only a pretty minor profit because I spread out a lot of bets on a bunch of games and I only won the majority of them.