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Different Types Dog Crates to Choose From

When it comes to dog crates, you have a lot of options to choose from. You have to consider that you are picking a home for your dog when buying a dog crate. It takes time and careful consideration to determine the dog crate that best fit your pet. This is the same with what you do when you are buying a new home for your family.

The size of your pet would affect the ideal size for the dog crate. You can choose an adjustable dog crate so you won’t have to buy a new one every time your dog outgrows its crate. You need a dog crate where your dog can easily turn around or stand up while inside. You have a lot of options from these types of dog crates.

First are the durable sold plastic dog crates with ventilation at the top. There should be sufficient air flow during travels. The security of the pet is boosted during accidents. It has a squeeze latch door that provides better security. Plastic crates are convenient to clean. There are things you need to know about plastic dog crate. Some plastic dog crates are impossible to disassemble when stored and use some space. With most openings at the top, dogs cannot see a lot while inside.
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Crates made of aluminum and wire are similar. Some aluminum crates are fixed while others are folding. These are light crates. They are durable and rust resistant. Folding wire crates are common with heavier weight. The full openings provides great airflow as well as vision for the pet. Whether it is for breeding or permanent pet shelter, these crates are perfect. Depending on the situation and comfort level, pads and covers can be installed. In situations like dog shows where the dogs must be very visible, these crates are the perfect choice.
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You also have the option to choose the light folding soft dog crates. The airflow is good along with the vision while increase the sense of security for the pet. This crate is not recommended for pets that usually chew or dig around. This is also not ideal for travel. Some dog owners are switching to dog tents from soft crates. It is a lot easier to carry dog tents around rather than the traditional soft crates due to its space needed while not in used as well as its weight. This is a great choice for limited vehicle space or hiking in the mountain. Do not use soft crates or dog tents for puppies.

Consider several styles of dog crates and assess which one is the best dog crate for your pet. Take note of the advantages and disadvantages of each type of dog crates.