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How House of Cards Can Make You a Great Salesperson

For those who are working in the sales industry, then they are sure to understand what they need to do to beat their competition. In the movie House of Cards, people tend to love Frank Underwood even when he seems to be a terrible villain. The reason for this is that Frank Underwood tends to know that being gentle is not what will take you far.

If you do not like how things are being set up in the field of sales, then it is up to you to make the necessary changes. These rules, however, can manage to bring about some constraint in the things we want to do. When it comes to sales the 80/20 rule has become so familiar as only 20% of the sales force gather 80% of the business. When we put our effort on the 20% that is productive, we can go around the rule just like it took the capturing of only two senators by Frank to get around the quorum rule.

You can be able to shun away any doubts by being completely honest. One thing about is that although at times he may lie, he also tells the truth when it is best for him.

You will realize that Frank and Claire have a great relationship in the series. When you are dealing with your business partnerships, you need to emulate this couple. Sales are best done when you have a partner with you. You need to try working with people from marketing mostly. What the client will need at every step is most likely known by the marketers.

Frank was able to achieve great things and he made a great step from senator the president. He did not do this by just being satisfied with any other position. He had planned every step, and he worked to destroy each obstacle. To be an exceptional salesperson, you need to know exactly what your end goal is. If you want a big payoff down a line, have a plan and stick to it. You can now know the progress you are making when you use a business proposal template.

Instead of emulating everything that Frank Underwood is doing, just imitate the positive actions. You will realize that Frank has been a petulant and vicious and you should not try and behave the same way he does. Frank however, is a smart man and you can learn some important traits for a salesperson from him.

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