The 3 Most Common Mistakes of Casino Players

Possibly if I tell you the name of Adam Kucharski, it doesn’t sound like anything, but it may soon be familiar in the world of casino siteleri. This is an American mathematician with a degree in Exact and Natural Sciences who has written a book entitled: “The perfect bet; how science and mathematics nullify luck in the game. ” Among many other things, this publication reveals the three most common mistakes of players in a casino siteleri. This mathematician puts science before the luck factor and reveals three big mistakes in players when betting in the casino:

Bet on surprise: It summarizes that it is when the player has a great temptation to bet on the option that greater prizes could bring him, without stopping to think that it is also the one that can cause the most losses.

Bankruptcy Syndrome: It consists of betting large amounts of money, regardless of whether it is lost or won. This is because some people make the mistake of thinking that sooner or later they will win the bet they have made even while keeping high bets, which usually means they run out of money before this happens. So that this does not happen, we must resort to something that I have spoken to you on several occasions, an optimal financial management, set limits on the amount of money to bet and always respect them.

The Monte Carlo fallacy: According to Kucharski, there is a very widespread belief that exists among casino players based on a false statistics of probabilities and for this he gives as an example the game of roulette. It reveals that when the same color appears several times in a row, many players bet a lot of money on the other color thinking that the next one to leave is the one they have chosen. This mathematician says that roulette does not work that way and that the result is completely random, but what he calls “psychological prejudice” makes us bet that way.